duct tape

The walls in my chest were mirrors and duct tape.

I pressed shattered glass behind my eyes

So I could reflect you back, so

When you look at me,

Look past me, see


Kaleidoscope, emerald,

Strands of your hair, still tangled


On my bedroom walls –

See you behind them

Some part of you, still


Aching, the memory of your hands

Cold, pressed into my skin

As I pressed back, pulled back

For what

I don’t know, for

A warmth I have forgotten.

I say, I am not trying to make you into a home

Even as I pack my bags – empty

Cardboard boxes,

For you to fill,

I tell you

I did not mean to make you God-like

Through my stained glass, I look at you


Wonder which of us is saved.


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